Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Origin Of My Goldseeking

This is my answer to my life and world, that provide me with orders, opinions, facts and theories, that are often obsolete, sometimes valuable, but never my own.

When I was growing up, I thought I could be anyone, anything. I was a walking cliché: girl wants to be princess, dressed in pink and more than able to make her own decisions. Those decisions remained in the realm of choosing my own clothes and playthings. In typical Belgium autumn weather (aka pouring rain) I would insist on wearing my pink plastic sandals.  Twenty years later.. not much has changed.

I still want things to go my way, do things on my own. Although the princess-complex now appears in the form of high heeled shoes that I refuse to leave the house without  (although very unpractical) and endless dreaming of what possibilities lie ahead...and behind.

That dreaming has led me down the path of pursuing a passion...a passion that many people share with me.
I'm guilty of a passion for all pretty things. There I said it, flat out. I could say that an animated conversation on Belgian politics or studying science makes my heart beat faster, but eventually the truth will come out. 
As probably many of you, I find the ultimate satisfaction when I perceive something aesthetically pleasing, whether it be a perfectly constructed dress, food, a piece of artwork or a musical composition. I could go on and write a philosophical piece on Kant and the difference he discerned between real beauty and pleasing aesthetics, but as already stated: that is not where my purpose lies.

Why a blog then? I want to share with you, what I believe to be the most beautiful cultural expressions that cross my path. Along the way I have the humble aspiration that the designers, artists, musicians I bring to this tiny address on the world wide web, will amuse, intrigue and inspire you, but above all, add some more 'prettiness' to the lives of my beautiful friends.

For now I leave you with this promise,

The Mere Alchemist


  1. and a wonderful promise it is... :)

  2. Guilty as well!! Goe bezig! grts Ellen

  3. I hope you will find the gold and keep seeking forever!