Saturday, November 12, 2011

Purposeful Shoe Fetishism

The overwhelming joy of giving them a home
The clean sole, untouched by the everyday dirt
The vague pain that numbs your toes, but at the same time gives a rare kind of comfort
The smell of unused leather

Yes, I am talking about new shoes.

This incomparable feeling gets a golden glow when the footwear in question comes with a birth certificate. 

Designer shoes. The word alone excites me.

Don't get me wrong, (regretfully) I am not the kind of girl that fills her shoe rack with Louboutins, Choos, Ferragamos and the like. I won't fool myself, the most important reason for this is my budget. I work three days a week to be able to pay my rent and school supplies. That's why I usually appease my cravings with second hand finds and nice enough middle segment shoes.  

Not this time.

Spotted: The nicest heels I'd ever seen. Perfect height, the heel in a beautiful sand color that contrasts with the pale suede used on the body of that magnificent object.

Price tag: Also magnificent. 

Guilty suspect: Fred de la Bretonière, a Dutch footwear designer who's been in the trade for over forty years. He began his company as a sole proprietor in Amsterdam in 1970. He's known for his craftsmanship, love for natural materials and knowledge of traditional techniques. Last year he even received an award from the Italian National Consort Santi Crispino e Crispiano.

The pair I had my eyes on was one from the 'Goldies collection'. These are less traditional in design than most of his other shoes and have a futuresque vintage feel about them.

The heel seems to be inserted and reminded me of the soviet constructivism of the 1920's and the futurism of the decade before that.
Study after Antonio Sant'Elia

El Lissitzki, Proun, 1922

I love the way the soft volume almost gets cut by the geometrical form which still stands on its own. 

So, because they were culturally substantiated and to support our northern neighbors I was forced to add them to my personal collection. Luckily I had a secret American Santa that helped me carry the financial burden.  

Till next time, I wish you all happy shoe hunting, whether it's with a heap of patience or a load of cash.

The Mere Alchemist

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  1. naast russisch constructivisme en futurisme doen die schoenen me ook denken aan crème brûlée met bedorven slagroom.

    "Een hart onder de riem, elke dag opnieuw." - bvba Rymaeckers