Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Ceremonials, Chanel and 007

'Ceremonials': rituals, history, rites. 
Florence and The Machine's new album explores these subjects on a very personal and individual level. The long awaited discovery of the self doesn't happen but is close and lurking in the shadows. The music on this album is more symphonic and melodic than that of the first record 'Lungs'. Inspiration was taken from sounds of church bells, harps, gospel beats and choirs. A spiritual if not religious record you would think, but 'Ceremonials' is more than that. The songs dig into the essential human fears and concerns. There's no threat from the outside, the evil comes from within. 
I feel very connected with the song 'Breaking down'. To me it's about nightmares and the terror I sometimes experience when I can't tell the difference between reality and dream.

'Never let me go' deals, not with a desire to self-destruct, but with the longing to self-dissolve. No aggression, no fight, no giving up, just giving in.

Not all is dark on 'Ceremonials', there are also some great up beat tracks, like 'Leave my Body', 'shake it Out' and 'Spectrum (Say My Name)'. 

This last video brings me to the exquisite fashion taste of front lady Florence Welch. You can easily see that her passion for music is accompanied by a passion for clothing. Her style is very specific and to me is a mix of Victorian, Art Nouveau and garconne.

Florence herself claims that women like Stevie Nicks and Francoise Hardy have formed her fashion sense. I especially love her suits and long dresses.

During the last couple of years Welch has revealed herself to be a muse to some of the greatest fashion designers of our time. She inspired the Gucci fall/winter 2011 line.

Gucci FW 2011

Notice the hats, long dresses and accentuated lips.
For her 2011 tour, Gucci even provided her outfits. Florence Welch has gradually acquired quite an expensive taste.
This fall she even took on an important role in the most awaited fashionshow of the Paris Fashion Week. For the Chanel Spring/Summer 2012 collection, she performed 'What the Water Gave Me'. The song matched the water themed dresses perfectly.

For the limited edition of her vinyl single 'Shake it Out', Karl Lagerfeld, creative director for Chanel and noted photographer, dressed Florence in his creations and took the pictures that adorned the cover.

Karl Lagerfeld for Florence and the Machine 'Shake it Out' 2011
For Christmas eve I ventured a Florence inspired outfit on a slightly tighter budget.

Golden Oversized Top: Massimo Dutti
Golden Bracelet: Family Vintage (thx Mami)
Long Sheer Skirt: H&M
Boots: De la Bretonnière
Golden Socks: Massimo Dutti

Faux-fur Hat: H&M (Christmas Gift from my sister)
Fur Coat: Lucky Find: Abandoned on streets
Our new year's eve party is themed 'Bond, 007'. I think this outfit also has a Bond girl appeal to it, so I'll just recycle it. Isn't that economical of me?

Tomorrow I'm off to Paris for a one day exposition extravaganza thanks to one of my best pals! I wish you all an overdue Merry Christmas and an early Happy New Year!

The Mere Alchemist

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  1. First thing: amazing outfit ;), love the glitter and retro look.
    Second: I love Flo's new album! Especially the song 'No light, no light'.
    The beginning is amazing ('you are the night time fear'), so simple and modest and after that it explodes. Love it!