Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Which Fashion Reader Are You?

During the last few weeks I've become a real web-freak!  Not only did I start blogging, but I went all out by registering this blog on facebook, twitter, bloglovin, google+... You can follow it on all those websites (do it, do it!). I even purchased a smartphone after abandoning my old nokia phone on the train. I can only use the web services when I'm at home or wherever there's a hotspot available, because I can't afford the expensive subscription! And that's a good thing, because otherwise, according to regular standards, my online-time would officially be labeled 'highly concerning'.

All these amazing interactive applications on the interwebs aside, there are still some paper sources of information worth looking in to. 
I've always had a soft spot for the smell of new books, but nothing beats a sniff of a newly printed un-thumbed fashion magazine. Even if websites and blogs included this particular smell, it wouldn't amount to the possibilities that magazines give you. I keep ALL of them. I leave them about the house until they're well over their expiration date. Then I stack them wherever there's room: In boxes, under cabinets and closets and finally, causing sounds of protest from my (otherwise magnificent) boyfriend, under the bed.  

So here are my 7 favorite fashion reads out of all the ones I've tried. They're all available at the better newsagent's (a bit of searching required). There's something for everyone! 

Harper's Bazaar

Since: 1867 (American)
Language: English
Periodicity: Monthly
Price: € 7 
What?: First American fashionmagazine ever!
+: *Photographs by some of the best photographers in the world
* Not only fashion: lifestyle, photography and literature
* Interesting interviews with celebs
-: * A lot of advertizing
                                                                   * At times a bit elitist
                                                                    For: The Worldly Woman
                                                                    LinkHarper's Bazaar

Vogue Collections

Since: 2006 (French)
Language: French and English
Periodicity: Bi-annually
Price: € 30
What?: EVERY collection that makes the runway in Paris, Milan, New York and London
+: - Aaaaaahhhhh It's Amazing!!!!!!!
- Tens of silhouettes from each collection: A lot of colour images
- Small review included with most of the pictures
-: - The price, but it's well worth the 350 pages!
For: The Fashion Intrigued Collectioneur
Link: Vogue


 Since: 2005 (British)
Language: English
Periodicity: Bi-annually
Price: € 15
+: * Very nice photography with a Vintage Feel
* A lot of content
* Interviews with artists
-: * It can get a bit too whimsical
For: The Dreamy and Romantic Fashionista
Link: Lula


Since: 1998 (International)
Language: French (limited translation in English)
Periodicity: two-monthly / monthly
Price: € 12
What?: High Fashion magazine with short articles about art and fashion
+: * Amazing fashion photography
* Interesting Articles
* Innovative Lay Out
-: * Language limites audience, but still worth it for images
For: The High Brow Fashion Follower


 Since: 1980 (British)
Language: English
Periodicity: Monthly
Price: € 15
What?: Fashion, Youth Culture and Street Style Magazine
+: * Innovative on a lot of fronts like photography, typography, fashion
-: * Focus on a relatively young audience (20 something)
For: The Edgy Hipster
Link: I-D


Since: 1921 (French)
Language: French (fr), Dutch (nl+be)
Periodicity: Monthly
Price: € 3,95 (nl and be), € 7 (fr)
+: * Available in Dutch
* Very Accessible: content and availability
* Lovely editorials
-: * Advertizing
*Sometimes a bit commercial
For: The Fashion loving Shopaholic 
Link: L' Officiel NL


 Since: ? (British)
Language: English
Periodicity: Bi-annually
Price: € 17
What?: Artsy Magazine with top quality photographs and Articles
+: * A nice focus on art and the occasional collision with fashion
* No obvious or easy subjects
* Also a lot of architecture
-: * Hard to find
For: The Culturally Educated Fashion Victim
Link: Glass

So now that I've fed you some paper, hurry to the newsagent's! Let me know which one you prefer and which magazines I left out! 
They say a mother shouldn't choose between her children, but though I love them all, I go all sorts of crazy when I get the new 'Vogue Collections', months after the publication I still keep it in my handbag... but let's keep that a secret..

Have a good read!

The Mere Alchemist


  1. @Uschi: To know one's self is the first step to happiness. You dreamer, you!

  2. euhm... your otherwise so magnificent boyfriend even collects fashion articles for you! so he's always magnificent! jeej!

  3. but he appreciates the mentioning of his name and of course supports his little rabbit in various ways so that she can be a top blogster! a proud and happy belgian boyfriend!

  4. @Pitou: You're so cute! ;)
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