Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Highlights F/W 2012 Milan

I consider Milan to be the Godmother of all fashion capitals. Held in high regard by all fashion lovers, but let's admit it, at times a bit traditional, old fashioned even. This city has got a weakness for anything classic and slick. Nothing wrong with that, but I have a soft spot for boldness and experiment in fashion. That's why I took the liberty to make my own selection of the best collections of Fall/Winter 2012. The third part of my fashion week quartet! Enjoy!

Bathrobe Grace

Jill Sander, F/W 2012, Milan
It's with regret we see Raf Simons leave the German house of Jill Sander. The Belgian creator has worked six years to lend Jill Sander the youthful and trendy allure it has today. But the return of Mrs. Sander herself send Simons on his way. For this fall collection he was inspired by home wear. The long beautiful coats were held close by the models themselves or were left undone like bathrobes. The soft color palette was reminiscent of the glow of indoor lighting. This softness stood in high contrast with the black dresses shown at the closure of the show.

Cloudy Emerald

Piazza Sempione, F/W 2012, Milan
This collection makes me long for next fall and winter isn't even over yet! Piazza Sempione's clothes have a very down to earth feel and are truly wearable. The short parkas look both amazing and practical. These are pieces for women who still dare to be girls.

Sci-fi Heaven

Fendi, F/W 2012, Milan
Avatar meets The Matrix. In a fabulous way. Fake fur, leather, sixties eyewear, 19th century footwear, snake skin leggings, they all came together in an amazing cocktail at the Fendi show. I couldn't resist including some pictures of the shoes. Fendi got inspired by the 19th century for this amazing shoe wear. Must Haves!

Presidential with a Twist

Gabriele Colangelo, F/W 2012, Milan
There isn't a thing I don't like about this elegant, understated collection. The over-accentuated waists are very flattering and embrace the feminine figure. It wouldn't surprise me if Colangelo looked to Jacky Kennedy for inspiration. The simple and elegant dresses combined with 60's looking headwear scream first lady. 

Classic Quality

Bottega Veneta, F/W 2012, Milan
Don't worry I've got some solid beautiful clothes for you as well. Bottega Veneta delivered some exquisite tailoring this season with some surprises. Amongst them were the oversized gloves and the magnificent prints. That's what I call Italian Quality!

Today is the last day of Paris Fashion Week. Stay tuned for this last chapter of the fashion week series: Coming Soon!

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  1. love the third silhouette of Jill Sander, so soft and feminine!

    1. Good Choice! Good thing you bought two dresses in those colors! :)